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    • Nattarangu a cultural fest Kerala

      Kerala’s rich traditions and culture makes her a haven for any true lover of dance drama and music. A home to strikingly unique performing arts with some of the arts being more than five centuries old, Kerala’s art forms are truly a visual grandeur to the eyes.

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    • Monsoon Kerala

      Rightly defined as God’s Own Country, the best time to visit Kerala is definitely during the few months of monsoon. Now one must know that monsoons in Kerala are very unique. They are usually accompanied by a few hours of shower, immediately followed by sunny interludes.

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    • Charity and Sponsorship Programs

      Punnadama Resort is not just a top-notch luxury boutique resort, but here, we also concentrate on the part of society that needs uplifting, enrichment and change. In easier ways to explain, our corporate management organizes charity events, CSR activities and other to promote growth in the sociology of the state.

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    • Nehru Trophy Boat Race

      Known as one of the most popular boat races in the country, the Nehru trophy boat race that takes place on Lake Punnamada every year on August is perhaps one of the major attractions of this luxurious boutique hotel resort, that is strategically located right across the lake, amidst a field of greenery.

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