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Shikara Boat

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Allappey, prominent for its cross-sided canals, beautiful green paddy fields and the glowing backwaters. To see the beauty of these backwaters, we need to visit the inner beauty of Alappey in an extended way. We need to travel through the natural beauty of villages like kuttanadu, kainakari etc. Many big and small canals are there to pass to explore the beauty of Allappey backwaters.

The modes of transport like houseboats etc. should be chosen wisely as per the places are narrow. In this case, shikara boat is the best decision. It is the small country boat, which can travel through small and narrow canals. Houseboats are expensive and would not be able to travel by the criss cross canals to experience the beauty of Allappey ackwaters.

Below, these are the 3-hour programs for those who do not want to spend the whole day in houseboats and to explore the best villages scenery like Kainakiri villages, which is a beautiful part of Kuttanadu. The allappey shikara boats starts from Rajeev jetty and travel through the famous punnamada lake. During this can see the finishing point jetty where tourists and guests wait and halt for the boats. On the right side of the lake, we can see a beautiful resort in alleppey called Punnamda Resort. About 15 minutes ride; we enter into Vilakkumaram canal, which is approx. 200 ft. width. After about 5 minutes ride, shikara boat enters into the first small canal called Panackal canal. A very small and narrow lake, which is hardly 10 ft. width. On the both sides of the canal, we can see the life of local villagers their lifestyle, how they are dependable on the boats to travel from one destination to another etc. The fleet of ducks in the canal is a eye catching scene. After 30 minutes ride, panackal canal ends at kuppappuram where a river starts. We turn left at this spot and after 10 minutes ride, shikar boat will enter into another canal called Umbikkaran canal. The 40 minutes ride give a wonderful feeling and can explore the scenic beauty of villages oh Allappey backwaters.We come back to the same canal after 5 minutes and enter into a big canal called Pallathuruthi river.

During this trip in allappey boat for 15 minutes, we can see Chavera Bhavan, an old wooden house where the blessed Kuriakose Elias Chavara was born. We turn to right to enter Pathil Thod which is little bigger than earlier canals.We can see a very traditional Kerala style ‘Tharavadu’ on the right side. A 15 minutes ride ends at Meenappalli Kayal which is a very big lake in which the Shikara boat needs to cross this lake to enter Irumbanam Canal, which is another beautiful canal. A ride in allappey shikara boats through this canal gives you breath- taking experience as one can see many houseboats are travelling through these canals. At the end of this canal, we reach a big river from where we have 40 minutes ride to Rajeev Jetty from where our trip started. During this trip, we can see hospitals on boats, a small market, and many modern houses and more importantly a floating shop, which sells sample household items for those who lives on the banks of the river and canals. Next Kerala houseboats


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