Charity and Sponsorship Event

Punnadama Resort is not just a top-notch luxury boutique resort, but here, we also concentrate on the part of society that needs uplifting, enrichment and change. In easier ways to explain, our corporate management organizes charity events, CSR activities and other to promote growth in the sociology of the state.

At Punnamada, it is not just about providing an opportunity to our guests to spend some luxurious days at the tranquility of the resort, but also provide a reason for the underprivileged to smile in different ways. One of the major events we organize is the charity function during the first few weeks of June, which is the time when all schools re-open in Kerala. It is our aim to provide education to the poor kids of Punnamada village, so that each of them can get the chance to be equally educated, with the right kind of teaching methods and systems.

The corporate company also provides books, school uniforms, mid-day meals and other study materials to these children that ensure a smoother transition into education for them. So apart from being a resort that stands apart for it’s beautiful location, greenery, luxurious and comfortable facilities, the Punnamada group is also a major benefactor in local welfare.