Christmas & New Year Programs at Punnamada Resort

Christmas and New Year 2016 is just around the corner. On the eve of these, Punnamada Resorts have made comprehensive arrangements to make the festivities memorable with an extravaganza of colorful programs blending sizzling DJ with classical dances and presentations. Here are the details of Christmas & New Year Programs at Punnamada Resort

Christmas Eve

christmas eve punnamada resort
The thrill in the air would be palpable when the ambiance will be rendered electric by the soulful performance of ‘Live Two Piece Band’. The incredibly hip music served by cool band will make everyone groove with ecstasy. The dreamy, mellow tunes giggling out of the keyboard guitarists and drummers would leave even the most stoic of listeners wanting for more. Every effort has been made to re-create a surreal, atmospheric environment on the Punnamada Houseboat and regale the guests with sumptuous food and top-notch entertainment.

New Year Eve

New year celebration at punnamada resort
Punnamada Resorts will bid adieu to 2015 and welcome 2016 in a regal manner. 5 Piece Instrumental Bellari Band would be the centre of attraction. Talented DJs and MCs will steer and jazz up the function. The vivacious DJs will keep the event rolling along by interacting with guests, keeping your spirits high with sleight of words and foot tapping reggae music. They will amusingly talk over tracks, play snippets of popular and jazzy Indian and Western songs, and mix South Indian music with North Indian to make a sensation run through the spines. You would have never come across the pranks and jokes served by DJs in any other function.

Another star attraction of the evening would be Kalaripayattu. The genesis of modern martial arts is attributed to this 3000 years old oriental art form first taught by the great sage Parshurama. The Shaolin Temple’s Kung-Fu art has been taught by Bodhi Dharma, an Indian Buddhist monk from South India. Talented and trained dancers resplendent in the traditional warrior attire would exhibit the raw power and lithe strength inspired by majestic animals like lions, elephants, snakes, boars, crocodiles and tigers. This combat technique is still pristine in the sense that the art form is shrouded in mystery and students learn this from masters in isolation away from the glare of the world. Punnamada resort will provide glimpses of this dance form as a means of inspiration and self-expression to its august guests on New Uear’s eve. Buckle up for the special day as you can’t miss this ‘once in a lifetime’ type event.

Any function in Kerala cannot reach its culmination point without the lithe presentation of its native dances i.e. Kathakali and Bharat Natyam. Graceful dancers would present bharat natyam, an expression of the erotic emotion Sringar Rasa in patterns ranging from Alarripu to Tillana at the lilting tunes of the vocal Carnatic music. Kathakali, the stylized drama, portrays ancient as well as contemporary themes. Dancers wearing masks would sinuously mime with expressive gestures in complicated and aesthetically soothing rhythmic patterns. The narrative music dictating every aspect of the abhinaya and every stroke of the dancer focuses intensely on the main and satellite rasas. When the talented dancers would join hands with the Bellary band members, the evening would come alive with transcendental joy and elation. We assure our guests that they would not have come across such a glitzy and upbeat new year’s eve ever in their lives.
The advent of new year would be celebrated with a magnificent display of fireworks, a glitzy event with oodles of glamour set in the backdrop of the aquamarine backwaters. Punnamada Resort is your one stop destination this New Year eve. Our affable staff will walk the extra mile to give you the most heartwarming celebration opportunity coming 31st December.