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Relevance of Karkidaka Chikitsa

karkidaka kanji


Ayurveda is based on the principle of tridoshas-(vata, pitha, kapha) whose equilibrium is the state of health. So it insists on certain rules for every season in the form of diet and way of life to maintain the equilibrium of the three energies (vata, pitha, kapha) that govern our body.

Ayurveda describes the distribution of each season according to the movement of sun to south and north. The northerly movement of sun (uttarayana) is followed by 3 seasons and 3 seasons after the southern movement (dakshinayana).

Karkkitaka is a Malayalam month that starts from 16th of July up to 16th of august which can be correlated to the rainy season.

The sudden transit of season from the scorching heat of summer to monsoon will derange the entire basic metabolism in a human, states the relevancy of the care to be taken in karkkidakom. Rainy season comes in dakshinayana in which the digestive powers in humans get hampered and are more prone to infections. The changes are even visible in the vegetations around us which will be full of acidic and wet nature, after its consumption will derange the pitha and vata dosha respectively.

So ayurveda insists to adopt certain diet and way of life to prevent from the harmful effects of the rainy season. It also substantiates the need to detoxify the body during this very season due to change in climatic conditions and also neutralizes the health issues from the modern way of life and also the aggravated condition that already persists.

Karkkidaka chikitsa was a traditional healing treatment of Kerala that was adopted during the monsoon to get rid of physical and mental health problems during that particular season. The body will react more positively to all kinds of treatment during this period.

So in precise karkkidaka chikitsa is meant to detoxify and to rejuvenate one’s body by boosting their immunity and alleviating their present health conditions.


Importance of Karkkidaka Kanji (Medicated Gruel)

Ayurveda tackles the health condition in monsoon with a special medicated gruel to normalize all your metabolic activities and also boosting your immunity. It is prepared from a special variety of rice called njavara rice along with certain powders of some medicines and ghee. Coconut milk is added at last to the cooked gruel. Juices of certain herbs are also added to the above preparation according to the condition. This gruel is considered as health tonic and is very effective for removing general fatigue. It can be taken once in a day.


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