Premium and Luxury Houseboats Alleppey Kerala

Visit the abode of peacefulness and tranquility:

You don’t need a special and professional guide to help you explore the exquisite state of Kerala. This place has a great deal of luxury muddled with natural beauty to offer for the admirers of diversified flora and fauna. Instead of looking for a guide, you must book a houseboat to get the true traditional picture of the state. The entire package will involve your stay in the houseboat, all the facilities and comforts required for a well- off time here.


A bliss for the tourists:

Houseboats, in olden times, were used for transportation purposes- they were used mainly as cargo carriers. Owing to their accessibility and comfort, even the transporters who had to be on these boats for a number of days at a time enjoyed a fairly comfortable stay. These boats now offer their occupiers and tourists with the best of facilities. You will have the company of our courteous and well-mannered crew who will be at your assistance at all times. All the crew members are experienced personnel and will prove to be of great company for you.


The array of packages:

These cruises on the backwaters of Alappuzha are the most famous tourist attractions. As a tourist, you can choose from the various packages that are available to you depending on your preference. They range from overnight cruises and day trips to round trips all the way down the Pannamuda Lake and back, where you can spend whole night in the peace and serenity of backwaters of Kerala. There are ultra-luxury and premium packages also depending upon the number of people in a particular group.


The Premium and Ultra Luxury in the backwaters of Kerala:

Punnamada Luxury back water resort has two categories of houseboats for the tourists- Premium and Ultra luxury. While the former is a larger boat with more capacity, the latter is meant for housing a lesser number of people. The ultra-luxury houseboat is a single bedroom boat that is sized approximately 200 square feet. This single bedroom boat is most ideal for overnight cruises and four day trips; it is also fully air conditioned. Though a single room, the space is meant for three adults at a time. The Premium sized boats on the other hand can house about six adults at one time for an overnight cruise. For a day cruise, this boat can house about twenty five people simultaneously. Each bedroom is 190 square feet and air conditioning will be provided from 2000 hours (8:00pm) to 0700 hours (7:00am).


The faculties at your disposal during the cruise:

Our most skilled and experienced crew is your biggest support system while you are in the houseboat exploring the pleasing backwaters. The entire team is committed to providing you with the best of each and every facility that we can provide you with. From the lavish and luxurious bathrooms, light fittings to the air conditioning, we will have everything under surveillance at all times.


The highlights:

Whatever said and done, the open deck of the ship along with the finest chefs are on board with you. So you can enjoy Kerala’s sun, its forest and as well as the mouthwatering traditional food, all at the same time. While you’re on the voyage, you can buy local varieties of fish whilst cruising and have the proficient chef prepare the local delicacies for you. You can also always cook it yourself under the guidance of the chef in the kitchen if you wish to do so. The set of choices of the menu vary from various vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes along with rice, bread, desserts and fruits.


Your Safety:

While cruising, in addition to the chef, you will be accompanied by two drivers and an attendant on board. The boat is well equipped with life jackets for each person as a safety measure. For the convenience of tourists, the houseboat check in time is 1200 hours (12:00 noon) and check out time for day cruise is at (1700 hours) 5:00 pm and for an overnight stay it is at (0900 hours) 9:00 am.