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Weight Reduction Package(Sthoulya Hara Chikitsa)

Rs 99999/- for 7 nights and 8 days

Rs 195555/- for 14 nights and 15 days

Obesity is described as abnormal accumulation of fat tissues due to the sedentary life style of modern era.

Ayurveda relates this condition with sthoulya.

Ayurveda believes in healthy way of weight reduction by keeping in mind ones health condition with appropriate purificatory procedures. It requires at least 25 -30 days for a better result.

In this we prescribe treatments like powder massage (udwarthanam), kizhis (massage with medicated powder stuffed in a bag), dharas (pouring medicated decoctions) and purificatory treatments like purgation (virechana) and medicated enema (vasthy) and various other massages which is decided according to the condition of the patient. At the same time there will be some internal herbal remedies which go hand in hand with external treatments.

As diet is also an integral part of this treatment, patient will be on strict vegetarian diet which is prescribed by the doctor.

The patient will have a session of yoga every day.


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