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Lake View Villa

Located strategically across the banks of the VembanadLake, Punnamada resort in Kerala seems like it has been dropped right in the lap of comfortable luxury, and rightly so. Draped in a curtain of velvety green trees, including tropical plants and seasonal flowers, the resort looks like it has been touched by a magic wand. There are, typically three major classifications when it comes to guest accommodations at the resort.

The Lake View Villa at Punnamada Resort is one of its prized guest accommodations, located right across the lake waters. The rooms each have wide windows that face the Vembanad Lake,Kerala with furniture that are modern, yet imbued with tradition in every way. A subdued mix of cane, wood and warm fabrics, the rooms glow with Kerala’s traditional designs everywhere you look. Not only that, each of the room has been designed to allow the morning sunrise to wake you up, something you can enjoy from the interior of your rooms as well as outdoors. Imagine, lying back against the warm softness of your bed, as the sun rays split the horizon, or inversely, spending time on the porch in your rocking chair, with a cup of tea in your hand.

So, for enjoying a Comfort stay in Lake View Villa, Punnamada resort has it all affixed for you. One feels suspended in time, as the houseboats sail past, fishing canoes cruising down the backwaters with their early morning catch, birds flying so low that their wings seem to skim the glassy lake surface. Guests can even enjoy their breakfasts on the porch and enjoy the beautiful scenery, especially during monsoons, when everything is just doubly beautiful, the greenery is mild and coated with fresh raindrops.




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