2016 Earth Hour Events at Punnamada

It is the 9th time, millions of people empathetic towards ecosystem are going dark for earth hour. Earth hour traces back its origin to Sydney, where in 2007 people united to convey that climate change is a serious issue that needs to be cared about without further delay. Today the venture has spread over to 178 countries.

The noble intention is to show concern towards incessantly misbalancing eco-system and communicate the significance of conserving and preserving the environment in which we live. The United Nations Conference on Climate Change, conducted in Paris last year set forth the goal of limiting the temperatures upsurges to within 1.5 degrees and the goal of Earth hour is to support that initiative.

If you are wondering how to celebrate earth hour in Kerala, join Punnamada resort. The Lake resort welcomes you warmheartedly with some amazing plans and the memories of stay will remain with you forever. Punnamada Resort is one of most luxurious and eco-friendly resorts in Kerala that overlooks the pleasantly vibrant backwaters of Punnamada Lake. Availing a mesmerising feel to your complete senses, it is an ideal location for any category of tourist or traveller, whether he/she comes with family, friends or as a lone rider.

Earth Hour celebrations Punnamada will see new heights this year as the things here are more planned and creative. The whole management has taken considerable interest and effort to make sure that customers enjoy a unique and pleasant experience.

“It is not about the energy saved but this celebration is a symbolic gesture for a genuine cause. It is the very first step that can inspire people to stand for ecological balance by adopting greener means. Besides, it also signals that when people unite, their collective efforts can make changes to happen. When we here at Punnamada will switch off the lights, passive bystanders will also hopefully join hands with us”, the CEO said. We will lead from the front and start off from our staff and management itself; this is the right thing to do. All our employees will be using public modes of transportation rather than their own vehicles. This means the parking slots will probably be seen empty and that would be great.

The next step of Earth hour events Punnamada includes distributing canvas bags for shopping to the neighbourhood. This is a silent message to stop using non-degradable plastic bags. Avoiding plastic is one of the best things to do if you care about the environment. Our team will politely encourage the guests with us to shun away from wasting food items. This also is a part of go green project. Obviously with their corporation, switching of lights for one hour will requested.

“Guests with us will be kept entertained and that has been the motto of Punnamada resorts, ever since we started. While the lights are switched off, we will assure that they enjoy their time”, the CEO was quoted saying. There are a lot of programs that are being planned.

One of the prominent one is presentation of cooking demo for half an hour with the help of candles. This will be a pleasant and rare experience as seldom guests get such a wonderful chance. During this time you can go social and interact with the fellow guests to nurture some quality relationships.

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