Eco Initiatives

Eco initiatives – Responsible Tourism

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Punnamada Resort in Alappuzha,Kerala is committed to preserving the local environment and at the same time making no compromise in the quality of service offered to the guests. We have a stringent policy of cutting no trees for construction or creation of facilities in the premises. We recycle and reuse as much of our resources as possible. Here are some of our initiatives in sustainable tourism practices.

  • Sewage Treatment Plant, which ensures that no polluted waters are let out from the resort.
  • Water Recycling and Conservation Program to reuse the water for garden and flushes.
  • Compost Pit for solid waste management. The manure generated is used effectively in the garden.
  • Bio Gas Plant at the resort takes in kitchen waste to generate fuel which gets used in staff canteen.
  • Solar Power Supply for Air Conditioners are currently installed in a trial basis in a few rooms.

  • Local procurement of fresh supplies from the market in Alleppey Town and minimal reliance on exotic fruits and vegetables.
  • Employment of local people. Punnamada Resort Kerala supports the local population and employs all the support and managerial staff from nearby towns and villages.
  • Local Trees and Flowers are planted in the resort unlike the usual practice of planting exotic species.
  • Policy of not cutting trees at the resort premise is followed strictly.

Community Welfare And The Eco Initiative

  • We generate fertilizers for the resort using the vegetable waste here.
  • Major cooking at the staff cafeteria runs on the cooking gas from the biogas plant.
  • Supporting the women self group by taking their products for the resort use.
  • Procuring the vegetable, milk and fish from the nearby community.
  • Supporting the education of the poor children in the village.
  • Various activities to help the community nearby.
  • Offset the carbon credit by using wind turbine.

We respect our environment as well as the society and the culture here, trying our level best to retain and enrich them. You’ll see efforts of eco-friendly activities like composting, recycling, reusing the water, vermicompost etc. at the resort. Above listed are a few from that.