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Ayurvedic Resort Kerala-Punnamada

Apart from its exotic location and luxurious arrangements, Punnamada Ayurvedic Resort Kerala also offers the Ayurveda and Yoga service that let you unwind and rejuvenate during your stay in this beautiful resort amidst nature. It not only lets one breathe easy but also helps to come out of the hectic schedule and enjoy the vacation to the fullest. For a peaceful living Ayurveda is recommended by many. And yoga in the same way is flourishing and helpful.

Kerala Ayurveda and Yoga at Punnamada ayurvedic Resort gives its prospect a premium ride to the heaven that can be rarely attained by ordinary medication or refreshments. The useful method which keeps the mind and body active in a gleaming way is practiced to give that extra niche to the vacation. Yoga is a practice that purifies and circulates the body fluid in the correct motion. It helps in gaining the proper shape and the mental and spiritual insight.

Kerala Ayurveda Centre Punnamada ayurvedic Resort makes sure that the practice of Ayurveda is done to maintain the mind, body and soul, the three main components of an individual to work in sync. Because, it is these three components which when work properly gives the renewed and colorful consequence in one's life. Ayurvedic healing is acknowledged as the best of all the scientific treatments. The treatment includes the plant based medicines including cardamom and cinnamon, apart from those basic Ayurvedic treatments of Tulsi, Neem, turmeric and other herbal oils and products. And surely it is the best Ayurvedic facilities Punnamada ayurvedic resort offers so that you experience a different genre of resurgence and revive the sense of purity.

Our body is receptive to many things that we go through in our daily life. The stress and pressure we take throughout our work regime needs to get released. Through Punnamada’s rejuvenation program and stress management techniques, you can rejuvenate yourself from within that helps you give a fresh start. Our weight reduction and detoxication programs are based on the ancient Ayurveda techniques and recipes to heal the body and soul naturally. Come and experience the ancient Indian Ayurveda and Yoga therapy amidst the beautiful scenery of Kerala. Punnamada ayurvedic Resort Kerala promises you a vacation that will certainly be a lifetime experience.

Ayurveda Treatments

  • Synchronized Rejuvenation Massage
  • Pada Abhyanga (Massage with feet
  • Ushma Swedam (Medicated Steam Bath
  • PPizhichil (Oil Bath)
  • Pinda Swedam (Kizhi)
  • Mukha Kanti Lepam (Facial)
  • Shirodhara
  • Udwarthanam
  • Kativasthy
  • Nasyam
  • Pichu
  • Thalapothichil
  • Netratarpanam
  • Head and Face Massage

Ayurveda Packages

Wellness Package - 2 Nights and 3 Days

Wellness Package - 2 Nights and 3 Days

Ayurveda is a science deals with both physical as well as mental health which accounts to the tot....

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Stress Management Program(Satva Sthapana Chikista)

Stress Management Program(Satva Sthapana Chikista)

Ayurveda is a science which concentrates on ones physical as well as mental wellbeing.

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Weight Reduction Package(Sthoulya Hara Chikitsa)

Weight Reduction Package(Sthoulya Hara Chikitsa)

Ayurveda believes in healthy way of weight reduction by keeping in mind ones health condition wit....

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