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Houseboats in Kerala

Houseboats, or kettuvallam as they are locally called, are a great way to explore the famed backwaters of Kerala. These large and spacious boats once served the purpose of transporting spices and grains across the backwaters.

Houseboats in Kerala today have become an integral part of experiencing the long channels, lush paddy fields and isolated islands of Vembanad Lake in comfort and luxury. Explore the serenity and green carpet of the backwaters in luxury with Punnamada’s cruises that take you to corners of the lake with visits to isolated churches, small villages, coir making units, picturesque neighbourhoods of Alleppey and Kumarakom and the lighthouse on Munroe Island. Watch the romance of the lake unfold as you steer deeper into the god’s own country.

houseboats in kerala

The houseboats in Kerala built with a traditional Kerala architecture come fully equipped with comfortable bedrooms, an open deck and dining area at the bow, kitchen managed by a personal chef, a helper to assist you in everything on board along with the captain. Our Houseboats are Wheel chair accessible and we can provide special care to differently abled peoples. Punnamada’s well trained staff ensure that your stay at the houseboat is pleasurable. Spend your days in these little ships and explore beauty of the vast backwaters even as the crew entertain you with interesting information and history of the lake, while the chef treats you with delicacies for every meal.

Punnamada’s houseboats are equipped with two luxurious rooms in each boat, professional staff catering to all your needs, a full-fledged floating kitchen managed by a chef on board, a sheltered deck and dining area to watch the scenic backwaters as you cruise through the lake.

FAQ - Houseboats in Kerala

Is houseboat in Kerala safe?

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To be honest, it is comfortable and safe in Kerala. Our houseboats have safety inspection certificates and we are equipped with all safety gears and measures for a secure cruise in the backwaters.


Why is it called backwater in Kerala?

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Because of the unique ecosystem it was so called backwater. Kerala backwater is an interconnected network of brackish lagoons and lakes that runs parallel to the Arabian Sea. Fresh water that flows through the rivers meets the seawater from Arabian Sea, the waves and shore currents create low barrier islands that prevent salt water entering back to the deep inside of lakes keeping the fresh water pristine.


Which is the largest backwater in Kerala?

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Vembanad Lake that spans over several districts with an area of more than 2000 sq km is regarded as the largest backwater in Kerala and the longest lake in India. The lake has large network of canals, inlets and rivers that extends through Alappuzha, Kottayam and Kochi. It is often known under different names in different places. For instance in Kuttanad, it is named as Punnamada Lake, whereas in Kochi it is called Kochi Lake.


How much does houseboat cost?

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An exact price cannot be stated as it varies with season and facilities that people opt for. We have premium house boats and luxury houseboats packages for day trips and overnight cruises. Comparatively, we offer house boats and facilities at the best price range that people search for.


What is the best time to visit Alleppey?

As you all know Alleppey is well known for the serene backwaters, paddy fields and beaches. The best time we often recommend people to visit is between November and February as the weather is mild and pleasant. The winter is obviously the best time to explore Alleppey’s backwaters in houseboat cruises.

Monsoon is good for houseboat cruising?

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Well, it is not risky as you might have imagined with cruising in monsoon. Our houseboats are available depending on the climatic condition that prevails, if it’s raining heavily and windy, then only it is not recommended for a cruise. Perhaps monsoon sail can be a unique experience, a different color in which the skies and lakes seems to appear.


Difference between houseboat and shikkara?

Design and capacity of these boats is entirely different. We provide house boats and Shikkara; experience in both cruises is rather unique; where Shikkara can cruise through the narrow canals that flow across the villages can be the best experience for you to realize the local life in Alappuzha.

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