The Luxury Trip that is worth Remembering-Houseboats in Kerala

The specialty thing that makes Kerala a unique and final destination for every tourist is the houseboats on Kerala’s famous backwater. The Houseboats of Kerala give the tourists the enchanting experience to enjoy the very roots of Kerala. They give the opportunity by which people can have a kaleidoscopic sight of the southern paradise of the country of India. Delving into the scenic beauty of Kerala is a must if you visit the state and it the Houseboats through which you can make the most of it.

Punnamada Luxury Houseboat
Punnamada Luxury Houseboat


There is almost 900km of interconnected rivers, waterways, lakes, and inlets which makes ups the backwater. This beautiful landscape is surrounded by many towns and cities which are the starting and endpoint of backwater cruises. Backwater destinations Kerala are a complete mixture of ancient and modern towns. Among these backwater destinations, a few of them are very famous which include Cochin, Alappuzha, Kasaragod, Kollam, Kannur, Kottayam, and Kozhikode. The historic port Cochin is known as “Queen of the Arabian Sea.” Another backwater destination, Alappuzha, known as “Venice of the East,” is surrounded by canals and waterways. This place was previously known as Alleppy and is very famous for the Nehru Trophy Snake boat competition which is held every year, during the festival of Onam. The town Kasaragod, which is located in North Kerala, is blessed with an incredible green corridor. Kollam is an ancient seaport on the bank of Ashtamudi Lake, situated near the capital city Thiruvananthapuram.As the name suggests the houseboats are such a form of accommodation that will give the tourist the pleasure of sailing through the backwaters of the regions and relaxing thoroughly at the same time. It is a waste if you make a prior booking of hotels in Kerala and miss the chance to reside in the houseboats. A luxurious stay at the houseboat is the best one can opt for when they plan for a vacation in Kerala. The reason for saying luxurious is because that you plan for a holiday only when you need a break from your daily routine. And if the entire arrangements are not luxurious enough then it’s totally futile to plan for a holiday. Only a luxurious holiday is the one which will give you a relaxing and rejuvenating effect.
Kerala backwater cruise is the one which you cannot offer to miss. Sailing through these boathouses gives feel as if you are in heaven. You can experience the range of channels, streams, and waterways. The marvelous experience of Cruising will take you from farming to fishing which occurs on the banks. The scenic beauty of Kerala is sure to make you speechless and you are feeling to take the cruising experience again and again in life. The freshly cooked food will serve on the Houseboats by their well-disciplined staff, you can just relax and keep a watch on the chirping of water creatures and birds flying from their nest to the sky. The dubbed lakes, lush green fields of rice, churches or temples, and coconut grooves may add some crispness to your cruise journey. To take the sailing ride, you have to book your seat on the ‘Kettuvalloms‘, which is a specialized tour in the backwater in Kerala. You can get the experience of great hospitality offered by the local people of Kerala whenever you get the chance to land down from the houseboat.
Kerala is a place that has a number of tourist spots. And among the backwater destinations of Kerala Alleppey is the perfect spot in the tourism map of Kerala, which consists of a number of backwater networked islands. The Houseboats in Alleppey have the immense capability in capturing the eye of the tourists. The blue backwaters and the picturesque of the Vembanad Lake together make the sailing of the houseboats more enthralling. The wonderful shades of emerald foliage that include coconut palms, mangroves, and paddy fields wrap the luxuriant scenery. The houseboats which sail along the Channels and waterways twist their way all the way through the green paradise of Alleppey.
Catch a glimpse of swaying coconut and palm trees, the fun of lounging on lakes through traditional wooden boats, pristine beaches, the spicy and mouth-watering dishes along warm hospitality is what all about a vacation in Kerala. So tie your knots and set out for the Kerala vacation, it is dynamic state with the most beautiful and stunning beaches. This place is located on the shore of the Arabian Sea and is blessed with a long coastal line of about 546km. The state’s ayurvedic facility inspires people; Ayurveda is the most ancient form of science which offers a holistic approach along with the medication. Vacation in Kerala provides an Ayurveda tour where one can get a massage, Ayurveda treatment, and complete rejuvenation and so if you are looking to get rescue from your hectic life stress then Kerala is the best place.
But experiencing the soothing splendor of Kerala cannot be achieved until and unless the houseboats are luxurious enough. The luxury House Boats Kerala is very important to get the refreshing and reviving feeling of the surroundings. The luxurious houseboats have a bedroom which is sufficient for a small family. It also possesses an attached bathroom and a dining hall for the necessary purposes. A traditionally decorated deck where you can enjoy the ambiance accurately gives that niche to the entire structure. The luxury word becomes effective as the tourists are served with food and beverages by an onboard chef.
Popularity of houseboats
Today tourists across the globe visit Kerala with a view of Kerala Houseboats in their mind. Due to the extreme popularity of houseboats today Eco-friendly houseboats are available. Now you can plan an adventurous trip and explore the beauty of Kerala Backwaters.
Houseboats are hired from Alleppey generally known as “Venice of East”, in Kerala. These houseboats slowly move all along the backwaters. You can see and experience the nature and greenery all around you. You can hire these boats for round the day and for overnight trips. However, if you want to experience the real beauty and culture of Kerala, you could hire these houseboats for two nights.
You do not have to worry about your meals. You can get sumptuous meals inside the houseboats. Even the best Indian cuisine is available for you. The chefs at houseboats prepare freshly catch fishes, prawns, and other seafood items with a dash of Kerala flavor. Enjoy the backwaters of Kerala with local cuisine and chilled beer.
The best season to visit Kerala is from October to January. The weather is cool, dry, and best to be near backwaters. Many tourists visit backwaters during monsoons. This altogether is a different experience, a unique amalgamation of the flowing river and heavy downpour.

There are different varieties of Kerala houseboats in Alleppey, which are known all over the world. These houseboats come under various shapes and sizes. They fall under several categories of A/C, Deluxe, Luxury, and Ultra Luxury. And according to the luxurious amenities, the price of the houseboats depends. Some are costlier where additional charges of food and other services are applied. And some are affordable enough and meant for the common man. But a little more can be spent for the sake of luxury and that to, to explore the charming magnificence of Kerala through luxurious houseboats.

Canoe trip

There are many localities, which can take you on a small trip in a traditional canoe, which is propelled by a bamboo pole. You can visit small villages and experience the traditional life.
Kerala Houseboats are special boats for honeymooners other sorts of travelers and those who want to completely explore the backwaters.
Often people, who want to experience hustle and bustle of local Kerala, explore on a local ferry. These are advised for travelers who are looking for a budget holidays as well as adventure.
Punnamada Village is yet another beautiful landscape in Alleppey region. It is nestled with lush green paddy fields and backwaters. You explore coconut palms, rich flora and banks of a backwater in Punnamada. Here you also get a houseboat cruise where you can see the actual life in Kerala. These are more like luxury floating castles. If you are looking for a comfortable holiday with luxury and backwater experience, you must explore the Punnamada Houseboats.
Kerala backwaters are a memorable experience. To make this experience live long in your senses, you must explore backwaters on a houseboat. There are numerous houseboats categorized according to your pocket. Explore this incredible backwater experience and delve into nature, which was never so close to you.
Punnamada HouseBoats
Punnamada Royal is an exclusive houseboat that helps to get the essence of Kerala and the magic of backwater. Tourists have the flexibility to choose the route of the boat and the types of facility. Authentic Kerala food will be offered by the disciplined staff at specific times. This houseboat is loaded with all the luxurious facilities where everyone can get entertainment along with the exotic scenic Kerala view. Life jackets will be available on the houseboat for emergency purposes. Basically cruising is a kind of experience that everyone wants to take at least once, in life, this houseboat fulfills the dream. If you are looking to travel for more than 24 hours then the choice of luxury boats works well. All the amenities give the feel of home and the staff of the houseboat will always be ready to serve your every need.
Being a pioneer in backwater tourism, Punnamada offers luxury houseboats for their customers. The exciting and contemporary houseboats offer premium and deluxe houseboats along with the well-trained staff, eminent service, different choices itineraries, efficient infrastructure and premier safety services. The reasonable houseboats will be decorated with vinyl flooring, wall cupboards, wall fan, air conditioning system, mosquito repellent, special dining area, televisions and DVDs and many more luxury facilities which give the feeling of a complete home. While discovering the enchanting backwater, you can get to know the wide and rich of Kerala while sailing through these houseboats. These eco-friendly houseboats are made up of coconut fibers, bamboo poles, carpets, maps and related materials. The mind-blowing views from luxury houseboats in Kerala is a perfect choice while on the Kerala vacation.

Punnamada Luxury Houseboat