Luxurious journey of the unique waterland

Kerela which is situated in the southern part of India is globally famous for its scenic beauty of greenery. This state is very rich in natural heritage and also beautiful for its heavenly ambiance of green surroundings and charming beauty of water by making it paradise over land. While Kerela is mostly known for its backwater destinations where tourists can experience wonderful cruise vacation in traditional houseboats which are actually called “Kettuvallam”. Beforehand when the roadways and railways were expensive or unavailable, houseboats Kerela were used for trading as main transportation in the inland waterways. These boats are made by tying together many pieces of wood by anjili wood panes with coir ropes whereas roof of the boat is made of bamboo poles and palm leaves and finally cashew nut oil is used for painting the boat with the aim of protection which is completely eco-friendly. These houseboats are very spacious and comfortable where people can live and cook food. It has been seen that sometimes boatmen’s families also accompanying them in the boat. But now-a-days these houseboats are seen basically used for tourism. Kerala backwaters are nice tourists’ spots and these houseboats are nice medium by which tourists tours through the backwaters. So presently the houseboats are made according to the necessity and luxury to the tourists in order to provide them complete comfort and have best holiday experience for lifetime. These houseboats contribute a lot to the Kerala tourism industry.

One of the most famous backwater locations in Kerala is Kumarakom, Kottayam district which is a peaceful region with superb greenery of coconut and palm trees and magnificent waterways. It is Kumarakom where tourists can scrutinize the Natural Bird Sanctuary and explore the simplicity and originality of nature in real sense by touring in the traditional houseboats found there. There are different kinds and varieties of houseboats in Kumarakom from ordinary to the real luxury cruise. The luxury cruises are very popular among the tourists and those special and royal cruises are known as Kouch-odi  Vallam, Odi – Vallam, Iruttakutthi Vallam, Churulan Vallam and Chundan Vallam(snake boat) which is actually a race boat played at the time of Onam. The houseboats in Kumarakom provide every kind of facility to the tourists with the chance of experiencing unique world of nature and scenic beauty of evergreen Kumarakom.

House boat punnamada, alleppey

Not only in Kumarakom, the luxurious houseboat is available in all over the state Kerala. The luxury houseboats Kerala moves slowly through the silent backwaters, crossing the islands and villages, moving by the side of rustic homes, lush paddy fields, historical treasures, fabulous hill stations, etc give simple pleasure and original view of countryside to the tourists. Not only these the luxurious cruise provides their tourists all kinds of facilities like best cozy room, western toilets, stunning living rooms, spacious dining rooms and fantastic site viewing space and balcony in the deck . Even these cruises provide the Ayurvedic massage, yoga, beauty treatments, etc and also entertain tourists with best dishes of Kerala.

The luxurious houseboats of Kerala completely entertains the tourists with all kinds of facilities provided in the luxurious resorts on land and plus they enjoy the unique and enchanting beauty of aquatic life and nature of Kerala.