Monsoon Kerala

It is a well-known fact that tourists look forward to enjoying the glistening rain-drenched green fronds of the palm trees and the sun that plays hide and seek occasionally, bringing a natural balance to nature’s game.

Kerala enjoys two major monsoon seasons, locally known as summer rains that occur during the month of June, brought about by the Southwest winds, and the winter rains that take place during mid-October, brought about by the Northeast winds flowing from the Bay of Bengal. This means, you not only get to enjoy the beautiful Kerala monsoons during summer months, but also during the cool winter season.

At Punnamada resort, you, as a guest can enjoy the beauty of Kerala’s monsoon tenfold. The simple reason being, that the resort itself in wrapped in foliage of various kinds. From tropical fruits and flowering plants, the resort has its own garden with personal seating arrangements, accompanied by canopies and umbrellas so that guests can take in the joy of monsoon and even physically be a part of it. Not just that, each guest bungalow has beautifully adorned verandas adjoining their rooms, complete with deck chairs, where couples can enjoy a splendid cup of special filter coffee while letting the soft pitter-patter of the rain accompany their mellow mood.

At Punnamada, guests can actually check in during the monsoon season, which lasts for atleast a month or more, and enjoy the tranquil beauty of the season right from their rooms. After all, monsoon in Kerala is so much more than just raining. It is truly the time when you can enjoy the beauty of nature in full bloom.

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