Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Named after India’s first PM, the boat race has been conducted since 1952, on the second Saturday of August, each year, hundreds of special Snake boats, known locally as Chundavallams, are decorated beautifully and expert riders, usually teams, compete against each other for various kinds of giveaways and prizes. The tranquil lake is completely transformed from a peaceful venue to a social venue, where approximately, at least 2 lakh people, from villages nearby, including tourists who come over especially for the event enjoy the event immensely.

Our resort has been equipped with special services that the guests can avail during boat-race season. The venue is decorated beautifully with tracks for the races, a special ‘mandapam’, which is a covered area, usually used for holding special events and allowing people a place to sit and watch from. A pavilion or a podium is set up, decorated exquisitely with flowers and the start of the race is marked by the traditional lighting of the oil lamp.

The sight is indeed a spectacular one to witness. The force of the eight snake boats, striking their paddles on the glassy surface of the lake, while hundreds of spectators surge forward in their seats in excitement, cheering on the riders is truly enchanting. The Resort organizes a specially decorated boat ride for its guests and tourists, who want to be a part of this event. This boat will take them directly to the Venue so the guests can enjoy this beautiful boat-race, without having to undergo any personal trouble on their part.

For more info about the boat race, guests can contact us via an email at mail@punnamada.comor at 04772233691.