The backwater network at Alleppey Kerala

The backwater network at Alleppey Kerala: Land intercepted by Lakes, Rivers and Canals

Made of 11 natural lakes, one man-made lake, 44 rivers, and innumerable canals, lagoons, creeks, deltas, the backwater region is one of the greatest natural wonders of Kerala. These water bodies are interlinked and were used in ancient days as waterways to reach one place to another within Kerala by boat. With advancement of time and technology, this waterway has become the exclusive venue for enjoying Kerala’s aqua beauty, presently, known by backwater tours in Kerala. Backwater region, these days, has become one of the best in demand eco touring venues of Kerala where people from all over the world come to relax, reduce, and rejuvenate. One of the centers of Backwater tourism in Kerala is Alleppey.

Coming to the backwater access at the Alleppey,(also known as Alappuzha) besides its excellent environment, the city has access to 1,414 sq km (546 sq mi) and ranges about 2,195 sq km (847 sq mi) waterside of beautiful Vembanad Lake, where tourists can enjoy the superb amalgamation of six main rivers spreading out widely before linking the entire 80 km shoreline of the district. The place has a rich ethnic history and is well known for its sandy beaches and excellent natural beauty of backwaters and lagoons. Before knowing the arrangement of luxury backwater tour at Alleppey, let’s check the map of lakes, canals, and rivers, which has created a network like water ways ideally for backwater travel by boats.

The rivers flowing through Alleppey area are:

Manimala River:


Created from Mothavara hills in Kottayam district the river has entered the Alappuzha District at Thalavadi village in Kuttanad taluk, while it passes through Edathua and Champakulam villages and ultimately the river has joined the Pamba River at Muttar.

Pamba River:


This is the 3rd longest river in Kerala and it is formed by numerous streams creating from Peerumedu plateau within Idukki district. Later on, the river enters Alappuzha district at Chengannur, and then it flows via Pandanad, Thakazhy, Veeyapuram, and Champakulam through a distance almost about 177.08 Km and mingled into Vembanad Lake. The river had its confluence at Arabian Sea through many branches such as Pallathuruthi Ar, Nedumudi Ar, and Muttar.

Achankovil River:


It originates from Pasukida mettu, Rishimalai, Ramakkal Theri of Kollam district and then the river enters the district at Venmony.

The canals interlinked the rivers and lakes are:

The canal found covering most of the backwater network of Alleppey areas has passed through Shakottah palam, YMCA Bridge, Vazhicherri Bridge, KSRTC Bus stand, boat jetty, Matha Jetty, Rajiv Jetty and ultimately has entered into Punnamada Lake at its ultimate merging point.

The second canal flows over Chungam Pallathuruthy and passes over Kallupalam, Kochukada Bridge, Kothuval Chavadi Bridge, and ends near Light House of Alleppey.

The lakes of Alleppey backwater region are Punnamada lake, Marthandom kayal, C block lake, Meenapally kayal, R block kayal, M and N block kayals, Vembanad Lake, Rani kayal, Chithira Kayal, Cherukali kayal, Kainakary Kizakke kayal, and Aarupanku kayal, etc.These lakes are linked with canals and lagoons for forming a water- network, and that makes this place easier for exploring the backwater region with its awesome beauty and neighboring natural wonders.

Kerala is a place that has a number of tourist spots. And among the backwater destinations Alleppey is the district with a number of islands. The House boats in Alleppey have the immense capability in capturing the eye of the tourists. The blue backwaters and the picturesque of the Vembanad Lake together make the sailing of the house boats more enthralling. The wonderful shades of emerald of the foliage that include coconut palms, mangroves, and paddy fields wrap the luxuriant scenery. The house boats which sail along the Channels and waterways twist their way all the way through the green paradise of Alleppey.