Discovering Heritage with the Houseboat rides of Kerala

One can best explore the heritage of  Kerala neither by any tourist guide, nor by any travelogue.  You hardly have to make any strenuous effort to walk around the scenic exquisiteness of Kerala. All you need is to book a  luxurious houseboat beforehand, prior you step your feet on the soil of the southern paradise of India. Only then, you can enjoy the true and authentic Kerala.

Punnamada Luxury Houseboat
Punnamada Luxury Houseboat

House boats Kerala has that potential to make your ordinary holidays into a fabulous one. In addition, one can undoubtedly agree to it. The houseboats in Kerala help the mind to relax and rejuvenate properly. The peace that one gains  by settling down amidst the beautiful backwaters of Kerala is soothing enough to energize an individual for his daily schedule after the holidays.

The houseboats were earlier the  cargo carriers and they were in use for the same purpose of transporting. Now they have become the most electrifying tourism creation in India , and have been name and utilized as the luxurious decorated  furnished houseboat. A kettuvallom known locally usually has one or two bath attached bedrooms, which can comfortably accommodate a family. It also has an open lounge,  and a deck so that you can lie or sit outside being restful and get the pleasure of nature of Kerala,  A kitchenette and a number of people  like , the cook, oarsmen and the local guide comprise the crew of the houseboat.
Displaying an exclusive tradition the kettuvalloms of Kerala are massive country vessels, measuring about 120 feet in extent. It takes great ability and diligence to create these enormous structures  by knotting huge planks of jack wood /Anjili together. It can even surprise many that not even a single nail has been used to construct the houseboats.

Punnamada Royal resort looks out for you with wide-ranging facilities. Crossing  over from your daily hectic days and then stepping in the houseboats  to be spoiled by the amenities and the crew is a great idea. Stretched over a long length of  backwater frontage, the resort gets benefits from the ever-invigorating weather conditions. The light wind transmits the tenderness of the sun and the poise of the enthralling Vembanad Lake. Each day there is the vivacious sunbeams and the frantic increase of the calm waves, and every night there are pleasant with delicate pace of little waves touching the shores. The Houseboats Alleppey,Kerala does not have typical floor plans, as each boat is planned to meet the patron’s exact needs. The backwater sailing through the various destinations is an attraction of Kerala. The Alleppeyy backwater voyage by houseboat is one of the tourist attractions and cherished event for the tourists of Kerala. It takes the visitors across the palm bordering lakes studded with planked fishing nets and slim canals on either side. They are so full of scenic beauty. The houseboats might give you that luxurious feeling and impress you with the high-class embellishments. However, it should be pointed out that they are quite economical and are best suited for people of different backgrounds.

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    it was a fantastic stay at ur resort…had the best time in your resort playing games and enjoying the natural beauty with delicious food…thanks alot and good luck in the future.